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Why Rely on Ajinomoto North America for your Amino Acid Needs?



Not all amino acids are the same and the better the amino acid the better the protein. All of our small pack and bulk amino acids are produced under cGMP conditions. Ajinomoto quality is unsurpassed; we consistently deliver the highest quality amino acid available on the market today.

Save Time and Costs.

Ajinomoto is the only company that can provide you the same quality amino acids in small packs for R&D work that is used for full scale up production. Save time when you go to full production because revalidation will not be required.? Save money when you purchase small packs because they are available in 1 kg packages with selected products in a 500 g size. Ajinomoto wants to be your amino acid supplier every step of the way.

Response Time.

Ajinomoto is the only U.S. facility that manufactures, packages, and stores pharmaceutical grade amino acids. We can respond to your needs in a timely fashion. No need to put your order in a boat first.  


Ajinomoto is the leader in amino acid production and technology. We started this business and are determined to grow our leadership position by providing you with the highest quality amino acids available at the most efficient price.