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L-Arginine (L-Arg)

As a pharmaceutical ingredient, L-Arginine is used as an invigorating agent in the recovery from fatigue. Clinical nutritionists use L-Arginine as a component in parenteral and enteral nutrition. In the food industry, it is used for sports nutrition, health foods and drinks. L-Arginine is produced using sugars/vegetables as raw materials. This process delivers a natural, pharmaceutical grade Arginine, at least 98.5% pure. Unlike some other manufacturers Ajinomoto does not use raw materials of animal origin or hair. Small Pack L-Arginine, 1 kg, is produced under cGMP conditions, the same as the bulk amino acids. The 1 kg size was developed specifically for research and process development use.

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Chemical Structure:   
Chemical Name:    (2S)-2-Amino-5-guanidinopentanoic Acid
Chemical Formula:    C6H14N4O2
Molecular Weight:    174.2000
Nitrogen Content:    0.32160000
CAS Number:    74-79-3
Conforms To:    USP, EP
Manufacturing Process:    Manufactured and Packaged under cGMP conditions
Raw Material Source:    Non Animal
Total Impurities:    Endotoxin, tested
Solubility:    Freely soluble in water
Assay:    98.5 to 101.0%
Description:    White crystals or crystalline powder
Price:    $190.00 per kg
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