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L-Glutamine (L-Gln)

L-Glutamine is commonly used in cell culture media and other drug development applications. Ajinomoto, the most trusted amino acid manufacturer in the industry, offers L-Glutamine in a size designed specifically for R&D use. All Ajinomoto amino acids are produced under cGMP conditions. When you use Small Pack L-Glutamine during the R&D stage, you will save time and money since revalidation will not be required as the project moves to full production

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Chemical Structure:   
Chemical Name:    (S)-2-Aminoglutaramic Acid
Chemical Formula:    C5H10N2O3
Molecular Weight:    146.1400
Nitrogen Content:    0.19170000
CAS Number:    56-85-9
Conforms To:    USP, DAB
Manufacturing Process:    Manufactured and Packaged under cGMP conditions
Raw Material Source:    Non Animal
Total Impurities:    Endotoxin, tested
Solubility:    Soluble in water
Assay:    99.0 to 101.0%
Description:    White crystals or crystalline powder; slightly characteristic taste
Price:    $255.00 per kg
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