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Ajinomoto Small Pack Amino Acids

Ajinomoto Small Pack Business offers the same high-quality amino acids sold in bulk quantities in small package sizes suitable for all research and development applications. Small Pack Amino Acids are available in 1 kg packages with selected products available in 500g packs.

Because all Small Pack Amino Acids are pharmaceutical grade and manufactured under cGMP guidelines, revalidation is not required for production. Small Pack Amino Acids are ideal for use in biotechnology, pharmaceutical, or nutraceutical R&D projects. To obtain additional information about our Small Pack Amino Acids, register today.

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    Small Pack Amino Acid Abbreviation Conforms To:
    Gly JP, USP, EP
    L-Ala USP, EP
    Ala-Gln Not Applicable
    L-Arg USP, EP
    L-Arg HCL USP, EP, JP
    L-Asp USP, EP
    L-Cys DAB
    L-Cys HCLH2O USP, EP
    L-Cystine EP
    L-Cys 2HCL Not Applicable
    L-Dopa USP, EP
    L-Glu EP
    L-Gln USP, DAB
    L-His USP, EP
    L-His HCLH2O EP
    L-Ile JP, USP, EP
    L-Leu JP, USP, EP
    L-Lys ACE USP, EP
    L-Lys HCl JP, USP, EP
    L-Met JP, USP, EP
    L-Phe JP, USP, EP
    L-Pro USP, EP
    L-Ser USP, EP
    L-Thr JP, USP, EP
    L-Trp JP, USP, EP
    L-Tyr USP, EP
    L-Val JP, USP, EP