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We manufacture amino acids to the highest standards of purity and quality. Which means we’re registered by, compliant with or certified by all the appropriate quality standards: cGMP, JP, USP, EP, DMF, JDMF, CEP, ICH, CFR and ISO. And that’s just for starters — because we maintain our own internal benchmarks that are, quite simply, second to none.

Milling & Blending

With our cGMP blending and pulverization services, we can produce amino acid blends to your exact specifications – so you can optimize production space, decrease analytical testing and improve inventory management.

  • Environmentally controlled Class 100,000 suite
  • Pilot scale 10-25 kgs batch size
  • Large scale 500-3500 kg batch size
  • Dediccility for amino acids
  • Custom and exclusive formulations and specifications
  • Custom packaging and labeling
  • Blending process development
  • Blend validation for quality control
  • Analytical support and technical service

Manufacturing & Packaging

Part of our job is to make your job as easy as possible. So once we create top-quality amino acids using our advanced fermentation manufacturing process and patented production technology, we make them available to you in the quantities you need.

In addition to Standard Bulk packaging — 20 kg, 25 kg and 50 kg sizes — we offer exactly the same pharmaceutical-grade amino acids in smaller 1 kg and 10 kg polyvinyl pails for R&D, product and process development and clinical trials.


How does our fermentation process work? Extremely well.
And extremely efficiently. Click to learn more.

customer Support

Our commitment to your success goes well beyond the product, or even the packaging. We can provide the analytical support, regulatory insight and extensive technical know-how required to take your products from lab bench to pharmacy, hospital or store shelf.

If you have a question about an order, want to explore ideas for a new amino acid blend or require additional documentation, we’re here to help.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to common questions about Ajinomoto amino acids.
If you don’t see what you’re looking for, please contact us.

How can I place an order or check on a current order?

Orders or order status can requested through Customer Service at or by calling
1-800-682-0982. In addition, our small pack sizes can be placed through Customer Service, or ordered directly online with a credit card, at our small pack website

What if I need pricing?

Pricing can be obtained by completing contact sales rep form or by calling customer service at
1-800-682-0982 during normal business hours, Monday - Friday 8 AM - 5 PM EST.

What package sizes are available?

Package sizes are product dependent. Please see the package size listing for each amino acid listed on the individual product page.

When will my orders ship?

For bulk orders, after a PO is submitted, lead-time is 7-10 business days.
10 Kg package sizes can have a 2 -3 week lead time. 1 Kg orders, placed
directly online ship in 2-3 business days.

What if I don’t have an account?

An account can be set up by contacting Customer Service at

The information requested for a new account setup includes:
Company Name
Contact information
Bill to and Ship to Address
A completed credit application
A review of the credit and bank references will be completed once we receive the information.
It generally takes about 5-7 business days to set up a new account.

What is required on the purchase order?

Information required on the purchase order include:
Company Name
Bill-to and Ship-to Address
Payment Terms
Freight Terms
Product code and Product Description
Quantity and Pricing

What if I have tax-exempt status?

If you are tax exempt, please send your certificate to Customer Service at and allow 1-2 days for processing.

How do I revise a PO I have already placed?

If your order has not been processed, you can provide your changes to Customer Service at

What are your payment terms?

Ajinomoto standard payment terms are NET 30 days. 1 kg sizes placed directly online require a credit card.

What are your hours of operation?

8:00 AM to 5:00 PM EST Monday – Friday

What if I require documentation or have technical questions?

Please contact technical services at, complete the technical request form or call 919-723-2203 during normal business hours.

How do I request a sample?

Our standard sample size is 100 grams and three distinct lot numbers can be requested for validation purposes.

Please complete the sample request form on this website.

I am looking for an amino acid derivative.

If you are looking for N-Acetyl-DL-Tryptophan, Aminocaproic Acid or N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine please contact

I am looking for a dipeptide.

If you are looking for Glycylglycine, Glycyl-L-Glutamine or Alanyl-L-Glutamine please contact

What if I can’t find what I am looking for?

Contact Customer Service at

What if I need a Kosher or Halal certificate?

These documents can be requested through our technical services group at

What is the difference between pharma grade and food grade amino acids?

Pharmaceutical grade amino acids undergo additional purification steps and/or undergo additional testing which includes endotoxin testing. For food grade packaging options, please contact

Do you ship to Canada?

Our amino acids are handled exclusively with LVLomas at, 1-800-575-3382.

Terms and Conditions

You can find our Terms and Conditions by clicking here